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Nox and Auds 2018, MY UNCLE TIES THE KNOT!

The fairy tale began two years ago, I had to write a blog to share the story. My Uncle Nicholas

(also known as The Black Prince Harry) always tells my sisters and I that he is the coolest uncle in the world, and until May 11th I didn't quite believe him but now I feel he has officially owned, if not smashed this title!

It has always been a funny dynamic with my uncle only being 4 years older than me and actually younger than my older sister, so in my eyes I see him as more of a brother. He always gives me advice, usually advice I don't, but should listen too but there is so much love there I can literally tell him anything, again validating his coolest uncle status!

When my granddad was alive (my uncle's dad) who I love and miss dearly uncle Nick had met Audrey and I know my granddad was really fond of her. I remember talking to my uncle Nick once about relationships and I remember him saying one of the reasons why he knows that Audrey Is the one is because she was the last person Granddad had known to be is girlfriend and he wanted to honour that memory, yes that brought a tear to my eye too!

So my uncle didn't do anything by half measures and planned the engagement and they planned the wedding to the very last meticulous detail. The engagement was a huge surprise to Audrey, she thought she was going for a lovely boat ride and dinner in London but little did she know all of her family and friends had travelled up to London to see uncle Nick propose by the seafront after their boat trip! Another tear jerker for sure! The picture below captures just how special the moment was, and yes my uncle did great with the ring!

The Venue

Then came the wedding planning; I remember Audrey asking me 'where do I start!' I advised big things first like the venue, photographer and definitely the dress! The venue was stunning, Braxsted Park in Witham Essex. It has such lovely grounds and all the planning by Mrs wedding planner and event hire from Adivahs event hire, just took it to another level. If you read any of Nick's social media posts you will establish he chose the wedding venue as I think he mentioned it over 100 times!!

The Dress

It was really important to me that Audrey had the full Lily Christina bridal experience with drinks and cake on arrival and the full one to one, VIP experience that we give to all our Lily Christina brides. Audrey and her family loved the experience and couldn't thank me enough which I was so honoured and proud of. It helped that she looked absolutely perfect her words 'snatched' in everything and she found the ONE, Audrey said 'YES TO THE DRESS' She officially joined the Lily Christina bride crew!! She opted for a stunning figure hugging Pronovias gown Ontur with a beautiful ruffled skirt.

The special day

There were so many details that made the day special to them because they really planned the day to every last detail. The one that stood out to me was all the references to uncle Nick's mum and dad as they have both sadly passed away. They were their in spirit and all the stories told about them throughout the ceremony and the day, as well as their pictures in frames were so special. My mum and dad were chosen to represent Nick's mum and dad of the day and this really was touching, including my dad's speech.

I was obsessed with the flower arrangement by Harpers events Company and the photography by Tino Antoniou was breath-taking. The bridesmaids and groomsmen absolutely slayed and the speeches were so touching.

All in all a perfect day for a perfect couple. They have taught me good things are worth waiting for and fairy-tale endings do exist. I officially have the coolest uncle in the world (also known as so many things) and the coolest auntie in the world (also known as Ghana's finest from the receipts podcast) I wish them every happiness for the future!

P.S love that Christina managed to sneak in the cutest professional picture in the world!!

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