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We had the best time back in November behind the scenes to 'SAY YES TO THE DRESS' UK at Confetti and Lace checking out the new Dando London Passion Collection. What can we say apart from the fact we are now officially #dandodolls!!


We fell in love with the Collection back in Harrogate and we felt honoured when we were given the opportunity to have a private viewing of the full Collection. The team were fantastic and Sophia the model was wonderful; she had all the time in the world to strike poses and even taught us a few poses too! The dresses stood out when we saw them the first time but when we got up close and personal we realised just how show-stopping the collection was. The detail is exquisite in all the designs and paired with the matching veils they are unbeatable! We were so excitable about the dresses, a pre-warning if you here any hysterical girls in the background to the new series of 'SAY YES TO THE DRESS' UK that will probably be us! The best part of the experience was having a much-needed try on session and it sure was worth it! We can now say from experience the dresses look and feel great on.

We have our first Dando London designer weekend with 10% off the collection on the 2nd-4th February. Either Book in on the website or email: and try on the amazing new Passion Collection!

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